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Jewelry pure and sweet love

Afternoon sun jewelry encounter pure and mixed with sweet love, deeply moved by the woman's gentle heart Yingyingchuochuo dream. Lavish dinner clothes off, remove the Party of the exaggerated makeup, quilt show in the search for Hong warm boudoir, very calm and elegant school of pure jewelry, dressed in a dream lover Sweetie passion, this is the best time .

8 Dah Sing wedding dress trends 2010

The trend of fashion style ring has been changed, as the wedding dress fashion wedding and Aspect will do what? 8 we summarize the trend, as you look for your wedding gesture. First, the profile of in power to draw inspiration from the architectural style of the profile of the storm blew into wedding design, regardless of the global economic crisis of the skirt length theory of how recklessly, the bride married yarn still go its own way, A-shaped skirt, dance skirt Rococo era, New Look and even wide shoulders 80s retro style, and so outline the design of the wedding had the regression.
Second, different bow embellishment ladies present different faces bow is always the favorite with the elements of design, with Size, shape and materials, position changes, bow front skirt also extends from the back of the waist, sexy naked skin and lovely and tender and sexy bow contrast formation, to create multi-faceted Madame Butterfly.
Third, the gorgeous tail when the bride walked slowly from the people around, more corruption is one of the plot behind her style. Dragged on for beautiful, natural add infinite charm, drag is not good, it is possible to affect the bride's deportment. Dress this season, in addition to the shape of tailing done a lot of adjustments, tailing of the design can also be full of tricks, scales, princess skirt, folding, detachable-style, creativity can be unlimited.
Fourth, implicit exposed bare space comes inevitably to be associated to the sexy. Yes, sexy bare back is subtle but implicit. In the design of wedding dress, formerly gorgeous, turn around and cool design, so that the bride's skin show looming unusual feminine, the bride is good for the conservative sexy attempt.
Fifth, focusing on the performance level of a romantic level and pace of change, rather than complex decoration, we see a lot of diagonal, vertical or even romantic and graceful folds, there is a good drape silk, heavy brocade, smoothness of Uganda yarn or taffeta or matched. Whether or partial outline of the overall decorative, elegant lines and the overall presentation of the A-shaped for a more slender, more body modification, walking more convenient.
Sixth, the metal light-sensitive fabric wedding dress directly determines the quality of the texture, and now the wedding material is no longer confined to a single thick satin chiffon, many metallic, metallic lace, high-tech fabric for wedding dress graces, so that the bride become more modern modern.
Seven, a short paragraph of innovation is to heat the traditional style combined with the wedding service as well. If you are tired of the length and width wedding, want to show the distinctive personality, want to break tradition, at least no longer the most important moment of the wedding that will never go wrong wearing a long dress models to fly over the court, it is the courage to put short section of the wedding dress it.
VIII noble upright straight skirt, the ancient Greek style natural hanging pleated skirt, or fold without a trace of excess bias cut dress, the bride became the new darling of the city. Design focus from the traditional into the shoulder and waist skirt, asymmetrical strap design common. Straight skirt has the advantage of lightweight and easy to wear it you will never touch or hit the champagne shower guests the wedding cake layers.
Sparkle color necessary accessories are this summer, the large diamonds and silver nail shining symbol transmission sense of the future, high-profile luxury Yong Yan bold purple sequins, and Swarovski Masters Series from the gorgeous accessories, More highlights Huamei Gui gas.

Love me to help me to choose it

Two little guys broke into the warehouseherve leger of your treasure, a master of the Swarovski bracelet worn around the neck. Out in front of the handbag has become a difficult choice: new models purple patent leather handbags more trend? New reproduction of the classic Blue Lady Dior more dignified? Or should be straight with Minaudiere Bijou Dore Party scene?
Love me to help me to choose it!

Also, a girlfriends to take to the wedding hall, herve leger and in her excitement for the embellishment of her wedding, and pick their own dress, there are ever asked yourself, who you going to be a "must left off," how long? In fact, if you spend a little more thought to understand a little bit of mental image of the password, you will know, so that his courtship was to marry him, so different outcomes in different fashion Oh! What do herve leger dresses you think is sexy dress naked, he said: "Hush, in fact, we have a woman be more tightly wrapped curious! Unparalleled mystery teasing the ambiguous distance, let them go!" ... ... Come to understand the subtext of the dress, It can help you girlfriends find their wedding Mr. Right, breaking away from "left Moncler warrior" status.

Qeelin new Perle de Lotus Jewelry Series

Qeelin Perle de Lotus launched a new jewelry collection, herve leger its design inspired by the elegant and beautiful lotus ─ ─ embodiment. Perle de Lotus series uses a lotus in full bloom after the Lianpeng exposed as a design blueprint. Chinese culture, Lianpeng a "year after year more than" auspicious, lotus seed harvest is more a symbol of success and abundant prosperity. Perle de Lotus Series is a jewelry designer and creative director Qeelin Mr. Chen Ruilin especially for those who want to enjoy success in life is designed to meet the discerning customer.
Perle de Lotus family includes a range of finely handcrafted, size available in pendants, rings and earrings. Although the design of new and bold use of shape, but soft lines still make it the introduction of the female exudes charm. Perle de Lotus series in each of 18K gold jewelry are used to create, "Lianpeng" paved with diamonds, and "Lotus" depicts the moon stone inlaid. Moonstone exudes aherve leger dresses unique soft color and delicate luster, moon stone is said to wear ladies can become more gentle, tolerant and sensitive and charming temperament female bloom.
Mr. Chen Ruilin convinced that the soul of fine jewelry design from the individual, not only can bring visual enjoyment, but also the characteristics and attractive. Brand with a variety of movable or removable jewelry design works are highly sought after, but this time the Perle de Lotus Series is no exception. Customers can choose to use a variety of beautiful gems and diamonds instead of paved the moon stone, such as usingMoncler ruby and sapphire can create a more eye-catching color effects. While a new design, so that each set in the spring on a lotus can so slightly, it could not help but reach out and fondle.

Zen Oriental culture flowing and harmonious beauty. Whether plant or building, the garden in the East are harmony, respect, pure and easy to herve leger demonstrate the principle. Constructed in accordance with the principles of this design from the Oriental Garden, not only the natural environment has been recreated through a small "tolerance is" the space to expand, but to create a timeless, ethereal magic wonderful mood. Pavillon d'or brooches inspired by the Japanese Golden Pavilion, white k gold chain inlaid yellow sapphire, pink sapphire and orange garnet, the metamorphosis of bright light on the skin showing Hermione scene, supplemented by brilliant diamonds line and three purple star sapphire, a mysterious garden tour for the beautiful memories left behind. Oriental Garden, floating on the calm surface of the water pure gorgeous lotus, as Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels earrings Nymphéa brought unlimited creative inspiration. Mirror Lake's surface to the diamond arc arranged in three rows, top decorated with two circles formed by the emerald leaves, like a lengthy repose on the water surface above the lotus. Inlaid with herve leger dresses flowers and two buds on the rose gold and pink sapphire. With matching Nymphéa ring cleverly overlapping two pieces of lotus and white diamond and green respectively, mosaic stones, more a pink diamond dotted among the flowers, water lily dreamily express the elegance and meaning. Nuit d'Orient ring Shangzhui to a shiny black opal (22.96 kt), a symbol of their aquatic form lined pools, waterfalls and bridges to clear the U.S. view, highlights the Oriental Garden, quiet, comfortable and far-reaching conception. 711 diamond emerald embrace 11 turned into a highlight unparalleled elegance and atmosphere Eastern Nara Nara necklace,Moncler emerald by Schaffer to garnet, emerald and diamond inlaid in the Bambou sous la neige snow bamboo brooch, wearing snow Oriental Garden after quiet and harmony and beauty.

TAG HeuerF1 girl watch series

Men and women are different animals, so a man's herve leger watch is the precise and elegant portable devices, the most critical to seize the opportunity. And women need is a delicate wrist beautiful scenery, not to delay the appointment time is a small, quiet charm is the true meaning of wearing a watch. TAG Heuer invited female tennis star Maria Sharapova to launch the perspective of the common design of TAG HeuerF1 girl watch series: a combination of ceramic and steel design, dial 60 diamonds around the delicate luster that give you the herve leger dresses elegance of every moment !

Best 60's retro fashion accessories

Best 60's retro fashion accessories, dresses
50,60's retro dresses, simple elegant style, herve leger highlighting the curves of women. Coupled with the popular high-heeled shoes that era, as if to return to the 60s.
60's retro fashion accessories best neutral loading
60's fashion idols, most handsome boy with a neat, the pursuit of self-liberation of the spirit of the map in the fashion, and a variety of pants, suit and tie, short hair styling and other girls in the thin re-interpretation of herve leger dresses the body.
60's retro fashion accessories best pop dots
The use of classical elements, perfect retro girl turned, Boer dots, pearl necklace, black sunglasses, wild clothes are timeless elements.
60's re-printing the best costume accessories
Liberty of printing may be the best embodiment of retro clothing, fur cardigan cardigan low-key and it is just a chemical reaction, without the Moncler other, small bag of accession will be able to get a new image.
Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels herve leger designed for a variety of different Snowflake Snowflake series designed rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, a symbol of nature in the land of snow falling in the scenic beauty of clean, white and pure, crystal clear, like white snow and the earth did a beautiful encounter.
Jewelry by a pleasant package of blossoming flowers, necklaces, earrings and ring combinations like a bunch of flowers or a beautiful and charming beauty of nature Snowflake Snow, Road, florid poetic best, passing between the infinite passion Sweetie Valentine .
Snowflake Snowflake bracelet platinum platinum series which herve leger dresses to DEF. Top diamond purity, infinite brilliant mosaic of the extreme. Smooth petals perfect diamonds surrounded by pearls, evoke vivid images of thousand, very bright.